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AKS DASIS - Vehicle cooling and vehicle air conditioning



AKS DASIS Dommermuth GmbH & Co. KG, based in Mülheim-Kärlich, has a wide range of air-conditioning and radiator components in the automotive and industrial sectors. We can sell worldwide and due to the diverse delivery possibilities we can deliver very fast.

The product range is characterized by air-conditioning compressors,condensers, evaporators,driers and expansion valves. In addition to the usual car components, such as engine coolers, heat exchangers, oil coolers, charge air coolers, electric fans, visco clutches and the associated fan blades, there is also a wide selection for commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery parts. For this groups we also maintains a large number of air-conditioning items.

The easy-to-use web shop also allows searching by OE and OEM numbers as well as a vehicle-specific search. A further special feature on the webshop is to search for cores. You can find finished cores in different dimensiones which are in stock and you can also order your custom build core here. The order for each cooler and core is simple, fast and uncomplicated.

The comprehensive storage offers a fast availability of the required parts. Due to our good logistics, we are able to send our products to our customers worldwide. Our export team is here to help the customer with individual advice.

As a DIN Certified Company (DIN EN 15085-2), we are entitled to weld rail vehicles and vehicle parts, among other things. In addition to the individual manufacture of cooler and air-conditioning units, we also offer to repairs tanks and various metal works. Aluminum and steel repair welding can also be contracted. Reconstructions and restorations of radiators and tanks and also a new sealing for tanks can be offered for vintage cars (oldtimers). We have qualified craftsmen, who have decades of experience with this type of work and still have genuine craftsmanship.

The company also offers training program with workshop training. In addition to the basic course of refrigeration / engine cooling, there is also a training course "Maintenance of air-conditioning systems with basics for expertise”.